County Clothes-Line Scholarships

The County Clothes-Line Foundation awards Apprenticeship Scholarships annually. The recipients are chosen by the Alberta Apprenticeship Board and they must be training or living within Strathcona County. Through these scholarships, the Foundation is supporting individuals who have chosen to train in technical or trade programs, and who are not eligible for academic and other scholarships.

Recipients by Year

  • Clayton Davis
  • Cameron Perron
  • Kenneth Rodriguez
  • Taylor Bilinski
  • Jeremy Tripp
  • Aiden LaPerle
  • Kara Chase
  • Austin Kuzyk
  • Dustin Lazowski
  • Michael Lemire
  • Cameron Perron
  • Cory Cadieux
  • Leslie Duguid
  • Doug Enseleit
  • Brian Shorten
  • Edward P. Storgeoff
  • Jonathan Weaver-Potter
  • Justin Aguillon
  • Sean Dinney
  • Petri Heiskanen
  • Luis Rocha
  • Dennis Semack
  • Patrick Tighe
Scholarship Recipients