A complete application (not to exceed 8 pages) must include the following information, in the sequence requested and must be attached to this online form ( PDF or Word format )

1. Completed Organization Form (Below)

Attached to this online form (PDF or Word format)

2. Project budget indicating revenues and expenditures. Include a summary of all other funding received and/or pending for this project.

3. Organizational overview including purpose and/or Mission Statement.

4. A comprehensive one page summary of the Organization’s most recent financial statement.

5. List of the Organization’s Executive and Board of Directors. (Include names, addresses and phone numbers.)

6. Printed Names / Position within the organization / Authorized Signatures (Must be two Officers of the Organization, one being the Treasurer)

QUESTIONS? Contact Freda Badry, Executive Director, 780-464-7786.

Applications are considered based on the availability of CCLF funds. The County Clothes-Line Foundation Board reserves the right to adjust and amend its policies regarding the awarding of funds.

Organization Form:

    Cheques will be made payable to the name of the organization as shown above.

    Has this Organization previously applied to CCLF for grant funding?

    If YES, please provide the following information:

    Project Form:

    Check one area that best describes the nature of your project:

    Briefly describe the project below. Include how this project will benefit the residents of Strathcona County and the project volunteer component.

    Describe how the Organization would provide public recognition for CCLF Grant funding received