The Clothes-Line accepts donations from community residents, which can be dropped off from 9am to 9pm at the back door. The following list will assist you in determining which of your donations are appropriate for our organisation.

We gratefully accept:

  • All clothing that is clean and in good repair (we have off-season storage)
  • Socks, underwear, belts
  • Shoes, boots and purses that are in good shape
  • Books – all children’s that are in good condition; and adult
    and non-fiction books that are no more than 5 years old
  • Household items – sheets, towels, blankets, tablecloths
  • Small household items – knick-knacks, glasses, utensils, dishes, pots
  • Craft supplies – wool, patterns, fabrics (if larger pieces)
  • Curtains, drapes in good condition
  • Toys and puzzles that are complete
  • Curling irons and blow dryers in good shape
  • High chairs, strollers – that pass current safety standards
  • Sporting goods – skates, soccer shoes, baseball equipment
  • Suitcases that are clean, backpacks
  • School and office supplies
  • Seasonal items – Christmas and Halloween decorations
  • Seasonal clothing – suitable for Christmas or Halloween

We are not able to accept:

  • Furniture – of any kind, including baby furniture –
    mattresses, cribs, walkers, car seats, older style gates
  • Electronic items such as stereos, VCRs, televisions
  • Toasters, microwaves
  • Encyclopedias, text books, magazines more than 1 year old
  • Records, eight-tracks
  • Telephones, answering machines, electric or manual typewriters
  • Items that are broken or damaged
  • Items that are soiled or stained
  • Tires, propane tanks, paint cans, batteries or other hazardous waste
  • Home preserves – good food is put aside for the Food Bank
  • Bicycles and damaged helmets
  • Crutches, splints and other medical supplies
  • Exercise equipment – rowing machines, stationary bikes
  • Blinds, large valances, curtain rods
  • Ceiling light fixtures that require wiring in
  • Used architectural fittings such as sinks, doors
  • Computers, printers, fax machines