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The County Clothes-Line store accepts donations of gently-used clothing, toys, games, books and small household items. All merchandise is cleaned, then sold to the public at reasonable prices. (Clients referred from local agencies are allowed to shop free in times of an emergency.)

Unlike some used merchandise stores, the profit from the sale of goods from County Clothes-Line store goes back into the community through the County Clothes-Line Foundation! As these two entities work hand-in-hand, the generosity of the people in the community continues to enrich the lives of the residents of Strathcona County.


A volunteer is a person who be lieves that people can make
a difference – and is willing to prove it.
– Unknown

Volunteers are integral to the operations of the
County Clothe-Line Foundation in our community.

In supporting the County Clothes-Line social enterprise,
volunteers aid the Foundation in fulfilling its vision of
social improvement and well-being for/in Strathcona County.